Art Basel and Google bring VR artworks to Hong Kong

The art world has entered virtual reality with a collaboration between Art Basel and Google Arts & Culture. “Virtual frontiers: Artists experimenting with Tilt Brush” is a special presentation of first-time VR artworks by five artists using Google’s 3D drawing and painting application.

As part of the partnership, Art Basel helped select artists whose work made them good candidates for such an experiment; those artists were then invited to attend multi-day residencies in Beijing and Paris to get to know the app.

Participating artists include Cao Fei, whose "mixed reality" film Derivation blurs the virtual and physical worlds" imagines a utopian future; boychild, whose work features improvisational hand dances performed in Paris; Yang Yongliang, whose Eternal Landscape recreates a traditional Chinese ink landscape painting in an immersive realm; Robin Rhode, who takes inspiration from South African street culture in Gisheshe; and Sun Xun, who created a portrait of Yimatu, the highest mountain in his hometown of Fuxin, Liaoning Province, imagining what life around it would have been like in the past.

Copy of boychild - untitled and dance (1)