Ara Hampartsoumian takes CEO role in TBWA\Singapore

Shortly after the lucrative win with Singapore Airlines, managing director of TBWA\Singapore, Ara Hampartsoumian has been elevated to CEO. He confirmed the news to Marketing.

He has been with the agency close to five years, first taking on the role of managing director from BBH. As MD, Hampartsoumian’s responsibilities encompassed new business opportunities for both Singapore-based and international companies, as well as overseeing existing client activity for the agency.

Hampartsoumian was with BBH for over eight years holding the position of managing partner and regional business development director. He has over 25-years of experience in the communications business working in global markets such as Canada, the US, and the Bahamas.

Ian Pearman, president TBWA\Asia, said: “For two years I’ve been witness to Hampartsoumian’s energy and unrelenting commitment to TBWA and to his team, as CEO he is now in a position to take the agency to even greater heights.”

Troy Ruhanen, president and CEO, TBWA\Worldwide; “You can tell what the prospects of an agency are within five minutes of walking in the door. Ara has cultivated a people-focused culture of optimism, innovation and success, and it comes through at every turn. There is no greater joy than recognising people for outstanding performance and we congratulate Hampartsoumian on his well-earned promotion to CEO.”