AQUMON launches first ever brand campaign with a video

Hong Kong-based financial technology company AQUMON has rolled out its first brand campaign, highlighting how smart technology could make investment services affordable, transparent and accessible.

The campaign includes a video created by producer Mikyung Kim, featuring seven characters performing their daily activities with an indirect reference to their finances and highlighting the effortless integration of automated wealth management in everyday life.

The video explains that optimised wealth management can be as simple as eating out, taking a minibus after work, or picking up snacks from a convenience store, with the added message that anyone can invest and maximise their return. 

“In a survey conducted in collaboration with the City University of Hong Kong in 2020, 80% of participants said it had been often difficult and overwhelming to keep up with the market with its overcrowded and constantly changing information. That's why we are here - to make investment simple, accessible and transparent," said Caroline York, PR and communications manager of AQUMON.

According to the Investor and Financial Education Council, there is still a significant portion of the population who fail at understanding basic investment principles such as compound interest. Additionally, over 50% of people in Hong Kong do not trust financial service providers to treat them fairly.aqumon ooh ad"This will be AQUMON’s first brand advertising campaign, marking a new era of rapid market expansion both onshore and offshore. The campaign will roll out across Hong Kong and Shenzhen to increase brand awareness and instill our investment philosophy," York added.

The campaign was rolled out after Chinese New Year with above the line and OOH advertising. In addition, content-driven social engagement has led the brand to seek independent voices from ordinary Hongkongers to discuss their relationship with money on a separate interview series, Money Talks.

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