April International Care expands mobile consultation service in Asia during coronavirus outbreak

April International Care has expended its TeleHEALTH service to all individual and group clients across Asia, offering support for clients during the  Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

The service allows policyholders to access a phone consultation with a qualified medical practitioner via an app, enabling customers to stay at home to consult with a doctor over the phone.

“Beyond the substantial resources being deployed to contain and control it, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the situation to the best our capacities. Awareness, avoidance of panic effect, and basic protective measures are key to resolving the situation,” said Romain Di Meglio, regional CEO of APRIL International Care Asia.

TeleHEALTH operates through a partnership with Teladoc Health, providing medical experts who can evaluate the condition of its customers before offering appropriate guidance and support.

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