AppsFlyer and Weibo ink deal to give advertisers insights into user behaviours

With its social marketing value becoming more apparent and its corporate client base growing to over a million, Weibo has collaborated with AppsFlyer to create a social marketing value measurement system. This is to help advertisers and media companies assess the returns of their social marketing campaigns more accurately; gaining clearer insights into the values that social marketing brings to a brand.

The two aim to help global brands tap on to Chinese customers, giving advertisers more in-depth understanding of user behaviours and preferences based on Weibo interest tags. It also looks to improve the accuracy of digital advertising monitoring, and provide Chinese digital advertisers and media companies with a more comprehensive and effective digital advertising measurement standard.

The partnership also hopes to give advertisers a more in-depth understanding of user behaviours and preferences based on Weibo interest tags, allowing businesses to define their internet demographics with greater precision. The system further optimises Weibo’s advertising business. Moreover, the two companies will enhance the marketing value of the Weibo platform and help promote positive developments in the social marketing space.

Currently, AppsFlyer already helps marketers obtain real-time data on marketing activities carried out on Weibo’s advertising platform. By assessing the number of clicks, average revenue per user (ARPU), lifetime value (LTV), new app installs, and other metrics, AppsFlyer establishes a complete lifecycle analysis for mobile app marketers. This helps them better understand existing and potential customers, expand their marketing capabilities, and achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, AppsFlyer’s independent and transparent solutions allow mobile marketers to get more actionable insights from their data, as well as better evaluate their marketing activities on Weibo’s channels. This results in an improved customer experience and a more effective execution of marketing decisions. This new partnership will also help global developers and app marketers gain access to the Chinese market, which might have been more of a challenge in the past. Accurate data on app activations, and better marketing analytics will enable them to better measure and optimise their LTV and ROI across Weibo’s platforms.

Under the partnership, Appsflyer is the first multinational third-party measurement provider to fully integrate with Weibo’s advertising platform.

“Not only is this another successful foray into the Chinese market for AppsFlyer, it is also a rare opportunity for mobile app marketers, both global and locally in China. Our comprehensive, unbiased and independent reports will complement Weibo’s excellent social assets, giving businesses a deeper understanding of specific marketing behaviours and improving the overall value and performance of their campaigns,” commented Wang Wei, AppsFlyer’s country manager in China.

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