Apple’s new act in radio [GALLERY]

Apple debuted its long anticipated iOS7 yesterday, and the rumours on its new radio space are almost spot on.

iTunes Radio, which is nearly identical to Pandora, is built into the music app and will build a custom radio station based on an artist or genre of songs the user likes.

Like Google’s system, music lovers can vote up or down a song, which then adjusts the recommendations.

“iTunes Radio is an incredible way to listen to personalised radio stations which have been created just for you,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services . “It’s the music you love most and the music you’re going to love, and you can easily buy it from the iTunes Store with just one click.

iTunes Radio is also linked with Siri, whom Apple users can ask for information of the song or make song requests – such as preferences, as well as pause, skip or stop a song – verbally.

Available on PC and the new phone, iTunes Radio runs on ads, but subscribers of iTunes Match – or iTunes paired with iCloud – can get it ad free.

Watch the new promotional ad here

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