Apple looks to streamline global marketing efforts

Apple is looking to streamline its global marketing. As such it has restructured its alliance with its ad agency, TBWAMedia Arts Lab, said an article by Adweek. Going forward there will be more digital and regional campaigns with a lesser focus on translating or localising. The company aims to create work with specific focus on regional audiences.

This has apparently led to an impact on TBWAMedia Arts Lab’s staff and the agency told Adweek that it is “looking at a new operating model to keep pace with the way people consume media and content.”

Marketing has reached out to Apple and TBWA for more information. TBWA, however, declined to comment on the matter.

The brand recently said it would introduce two television style video series on its Music service. According to New York Times, it will also create more scripted dramas as it looks to build its music platform.

Moreover, in its latest report, Apple’s fiscal year 2016 revenue had declined almost 8% from US$233.7 billion to US$215.6 billion. Since the release of the iPod and the company’s comeback under then-CEO Steve Jobs in 2001, the company has had a good record.

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