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Apple Daily Digital achieved huge success by winning 28 awards at Marketing's Spark Awards 2020. We were proudly awarded the Media Brand of the Year and Media Owner of the Year. Providing the most innovative and effective products and services to our business partners is always our mission.

apple daily online articles main photoRevamping of Apple Daily (mobile app) 

Apple Daily HK (Mobile App) ranks first in Hong Kong with over 1.2 million monthly unique users according to the Comscore Mobile Metrix Report*. Also, figures from Google Analytics December 2020 have shown that the duration of the average engagement time recorded 12’41” in 2020 overall.

The revamp of the app took place in early April with enhanced usability and a fresh yet explicit look. After the redesign, the app has gone much deeper with an enhanced content hierarchy and functionality. It does not only provide a better user interface and user experience but also enhances the app performance in terms of loading time and ad unit varieties. Let’s stay tuned!apple daily pic2Data partnership

The deprecation of the third party cookies and data privacy of iOS 14 is expected to be the biggest media challenge of 2021. To reclaim a central role in the digital ad ecosystem, Apple Daily Digital has been examining various identity solutions by building and expanding the first party data strategies. 

The first party data obtained from subscribers, their reading preferences, ad clicks and purchasing records from Your Privilege is collected in our Data Lake in connection with the Data Management Platform. Then the data will be exported to trading platforms such as Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk and Facebook for business collaborations with our partners.

We have been building up more than 250 behavioural groups and it is expected that there will be more in the future. To meet the needs of customers, six hero audience segments have been created in H1 2021, including Home Cooking Lovers, eShoppers, Female Variorum, Health Care Professionals, Stock and Crypto Specialist, and Family with Kids.update data partner visual apple daily

*Source: Comscore Mobile Metrix, Mobile App Only, Total Mobile 15+, December 2020, Hong Kong

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