Applauding industry excellence at The Banking and Finance Awards 2019

The Banking and Finance Awards 2019 – a landmark event hosted by Sky Post – saw key industry figures and other noteworthy guests gather to celebrate the achievements of outstanding financial institutions and services. This year’s event, held on 8 November 2019 at J.W. Marriott Hotel Hong Kong (running for its fourth consecutive year) saw a total of 25 winners presented with awards.

These awards – widely recognized across the finance industry – aim to commend the accomplishments made by financial institutions in the areas of customer engagement, innovation, and the practicality of their products and services. In addition to the existing four award categories – that include “Banking and Financial service”, “Credit Card Service”, “MPF and Fund Service” and “Insurance Service” – a new “Securities Service” category was also introduced.

Perry Mak, the managing director and executive director of Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited, gave the opening speech to an audience of industry professionals and invited notable guests to present awards. These figures included; Bernard Chan Pak-Li, the under secretary for commerce and economic development, Charles Peter Mok, member of the Legislative Council for the Information Technology functional constituency, Francis T. Lui, professor emeritus and adjunct professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Economics Department, Cherry Chan, assistant general manager of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, and Joel Poon, chief editor of Sky Post.

Anita Wong, director of consumer research at Nielsen, was also invited to share insights into middle-class investment trends. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, Hong Kong’s middle-class is starting to lean conservative due to an unstable, poor-performing market. To navigate through this trend, it is worth exploring more long-term financial products aimed at helping consumers secure a stable future.

With ever-evolving markets bringing fresh challenges to the table, Hong Kong’s finance industry must work together to seek out opportunities and uphold the standard of excellence that its services are known for on the international stage.

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