LOOK "Time travelling" app for Singapore launched

Founder of creative agency Ninety Nine Percent Calvin Soh and founder of J & U Consulting Saleem Jumabhoy have come up with an app to cure your nostalgia.

The duo have launched a global mobile platform called Time Travellr. The app aims to allow the public to be the creators of their own history. For Singapore, the location-based app allows you to see local hawker stories, their history and heritage, within the user's proximity.

The app allows anyone to share a location’s past, present and future by geographically and chronologically tagging photos and videos anywhere on earth.Time Travellr will beta in Singapore before its global launch.

“We remember a Singapore that was a lot more interesting, spontaneous and organic, words that have been replaced by efficient, organised and clean. Through this platform, we want the people to remember the energy and spark Singapore used to have. We want our mojo back,” said Jumabhoy.

Through the app, the duo aims to make Singaporeans feel more rooted and strengthen the local sense of identity.

“We feel we’ve been selling ourselves short. We’ve misplaced our soul and spirit and become this shiny glass concrete steel air-conditioned mall. We want to tell our children that the Singapore we grew up in had swagger. We were the risk takers, the rebels, the inventors of our own destiny. It’s in our DNA and we want to revive it,” said Soh.