AnyMind Group launches tools for marketers and advertisers

AnyMind Group has launched two tools to help marketers and advertisers to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of their campaigns. 

The first new offering is an analytics tool for marketers to analyse and track their brand’s social media profiles on AnyMind Group’s CastingAsia platform. To provide marketers with more control over their social media and influencer marketing assets through a single platform, the analytics tool will initially launch for Instagram profiles. 

Users will be able to view key insights into their brand’s social media accounts, including actual figures and growth rates of followers, posts, reach and engagement, along with follower demographics, and follower sentiments on posts.

This tool will subsequently be expanded to other major social media platforms, along with features that include post-scheduling and publishing, competitor, keyword, and follower analysis.

Available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, this feature will be available to marketers on the CastingAsia platform alongside other self-serve functions for influencer marketing activities such as campaign creation, influencer and content management, influencer analysis, attribution and real-time reporting. 

This tool and future additions will also be made available to influencers who have created brands through AnyMind D2C for Influencers, a service aiming to help influencers create, produce, and sell their own branded merchandise.

castingasia analytics

“Social media and influencer marketing have gone hand-in-hand in recent years, and the ability to manage both aspects should be in the hands of the user. We are building more features to tie them closer together and ensure that marketers have full control over these now-essential areas of the marketing mix,” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group.

Apart from this, AnyMind Group has also launched Deal Discovery, a self-serve tool that enables advertisers to find and curate display and video advertising inventory, and set up private marketplace (PMP) deals through its AdAsia Premium Marketplace. 

With Deal Discovery, advertisers can now directly tap into programmatic guaranteed and programmatic direct deals through AdAsia’s 1,200 publisher partners that are serving a combined 118 billion monthly impressions across Asia, including iQIYI (outside of Mainland China), Pantip in Thailand, The Manila Times from the Philippines, and more.

adasia digital platform deal discovery


Advertisers can easily search for available inventory and publishers across IAB-listed verticals, and view direct data and insights into available impressions, viewability, site information and pricing. This data is made available through the AdAsia360 platform and verified by third-party ad verification partners, Integral Ad Science and Adloox, for viewability and brand safety.

“In this time, we have drastically grown available inventory and buying capabilities across the web, in-app and DOOH advertising, alongside other brands like CastingAsia for influencer marketing, and Deal Discovery was created with our programmatic agency buyers in mind for seamless, transparent and quick PMP deals,” said Otohiko Kozutsumi, chief commercial officer and co-founder of AnyMind Group.

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