Sunkist debuts in Animal Crossing with scavenger hunt, and prizes

The popular game Animal Crossing is sweeping the world. Now players from selected countries can enjoy growing real-life branded fruits in the game as players can “grow” Sunkist oranges.

Sunkist has created the Sunkist Island to encourage players from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan to enjoy the California-grown in-season Sunkist Valencia oranges in a variety of ways until 14 June, including scavenger hunts for citrus-themed items such as an umbrella, clock or rug and golden tools to “grow” their own oranges.

Inspired by its Valencia oranges and lemons, Sunkist has also designed four fashionable clothing items and 15 collectable artworks available for download on the Sunkist market websites. Sunkist is also providing surprise offerings and secret prizes for players to add more fun to the game. 

Users can design their own citrus-inspired clothing in the game and share their designs with Sunkist using designated hashtags for a chance to be featured on Sunkist’s social media platforms.

“With everything going virtual these days, we invite guests to explore our sunny California groves in Animal Crossing from the comfort of their own homes,” said Christina Ward, director of global brand marketing at Sunkist Growers.

“The fun virtual space fosters a sense of sharing, which is fundamental to our brand and cooperative, and we invite everyone to come visit Sunkist Island.”

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