Angelababy stars in new Baidu Duer commercial

To back its new product Baidu Duer, a digital assistant designed to go against Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, Baidu has teamed up with Leo Burnett Beijing for a digital-led campaign starring pop star Angelababy (Angela Yeung).

In a 44-second film, Yeung, who has been signed as Baidu brand ambassador in January this year, shows us how wonderful her life could be with this virtual and smart Du Secretary.

“Not only does Baidu Duer have the unique position of being both the medium and the product itself, it also combines various Baidu digital sub-brands into a single device,” said Frank Liu, managing director of Leo Burnett Beijing.

“What we aim to do is to demonstrate the innovation it brings to the users’ experience – whether it is the keywords search function, or the voice search function that is the entry point of Baidu – to connect consumer and service. Very importantly, we strive to present all these interestingly so it resonates with people.”

To do this, the creative team needed to find out a way to show the wonderful life possibilities with Duer which stays true to its capabilities.

“We decide to do it via a simple yet slightly whimsical approach of transporting Angelababy into an animation to demonstrate how wonderful her journey is, with the help of Baidu Duer,” said Qifei Xu, senior Creative director of Leo Burnett Beijing.

Earlier this year, Leo Burnett Beijing also launched a spring festival marketing campaign for Mobile Baidu movie tickets.

“We are very excited to contribute our creative intelligence on Baidu’s strategical transition.” added Liu.

“It is a very good learning journey for both of us. Baidu is turning itself from a simple search engine to a connector of human and service, while Leo Burnett is adjusting our creative service model, leveraging on our brand experience and HumanKind creative philosophy, to explore the best way of creativity communication for new products on different platforms.”

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