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Android growth sways money away from IOS

Ad spending on applications hosted within the Android app store grew more than 20% in the past year, according to admanGo.

The admanGo results for Q3, show that advertising on applications hosted in the Andriod store, jumped from 23% in Q3 last year to 43% this year.

It comes as new data shows Android’s share of the smartphone market is now twice that of Apple’s.

Quoting Facebook statistics, admanGo said Android smartphones held a 65% share of the market in Hong Kong, compared to 35% for iPhone’s.

admanGo’s Q3 data also shows continued growth for the mobile ad market overall. Spending on mobile advertising expanded to nearly HK$150 million which was 4.5 times to that of the same period last year.

Total adspend in the third quarter reached HK$11 billion, a growth of 5% compared to the second quarter and 9% over a year ago.


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