Anchor digital campaign yields more than buzz

Fonterra brought its newest milk brand, Anchor Adult Pro (AAP), to market last February led by a digital campaign via Digit and is already earning more than just likes, shares and views.

Digit launched APP’s official Facebook page alongside the product launch and, so as not to waste momentum, introduced three web-exclusive videos to drive web traffic, and more importantly, raise awareness.

Digit attempted to show how AAP is relevant to a wider consumer base using stories on how the product can help them last all day, which meant more time for the family and even the pet dog.

The series tallied over 1 million views cumulatively on Facebook, YouTube and other internet sites and more than 29,000 comments, likes and shares on social media to date. But Digit touted that its most notable result is the campaign’s impact on sales volumes.

Exact numbers are under wraps but the agency mentioned in its official blog that “even before the traditional advertising efforts are launched, AAP has been able to generate consumer interest and trial, successfully gaining significant market share through digital channels.”

“Anchor Adult Pro’s launch is a perfect example of using content-centered digital efforts as the launch pad for products,” explains Eugene Demata, executive creative director of Digit, adding that today’s campaigns don’t necessarily have to rely on traditional advertising.

“The campaign proves that good online content can make a product fly and still promote the brand without necessarily needing the usual ATL budget. This also erases the misconception that digitally-led efforts alone can’t launch a product.”

“What really brought the brand to where it is today are the insights that the campaign revolves around,” says Anchor Group Head Katz Lobregat-Enriguez.

“Our message is that while our work is important, there are other equally important things that require our energy and attention as well - be it our family, friends, and even our own selves. The insights provided are highly relatable and compelling to our consumers. Anchor Adult Pro… enables our consumers to have all day energy to do the things that matter,” she adds.