Anacapri arrives in the Philippines

Brazilian footwear brand Anacapri has officially launched in the Philippines with an unveiling of its latest line of ballerina flats at the SM Mega Fashion Hall last week.

Anacapri will be distributed exclusively by ELRO Corporation, the company’s 7th brand to date. Its portfolio is mainly includes brands from Brazil, namely Ipanema, Grendha, Rider, Zaxy, Soff and Victoria.

During the launch, fashionistas Patricia Prieto, Almira Teng, and Delamar Arias highlighted the flexibility of Anacapri flats, not as a mere back up for sore feet but a wardrobe staple nimble with any style.

Speaking with Marketing, Cecille Loretizo, sales and marketing head of ELRO, explains that Anacapri is positioned as an aspirational brand for the broad C market or the middle class working woman.

“If you’ll look at the socio-economic status of the Philippines, a lot belongs to this bracket. The price of Anacapri shoes begins from P3, 000 and we thought that even if this is a bit higher than what is on the market, this is for someone who want to reward her sole. It’s now something that you buy to replace what you are wearing but it should co-exist with your wardrobe. That is something I think the current broad C market will look at,” she adds.

Asked about the influx of foreign brands, Francisco Elizalde, president of ELRO, said that he agrees that the market can be seen is crowded, making it an imperative for his company to be selective about the brands they choose.

"We find those which have a unique selling point or position that we can take, package and market. It’s not just going out and getting a brand because I could have 20 to 30 brands if that was the case," he said.

Loretizo confirmed that ELRO has plans to launch campaigns to build momentum around Anacapri but declined to share upcoming projects. As for possible pitches for the business, she said that the company has not crossed the idea but will move forward with Anacapri with an in-house team for now.

Anacapri will be available in Manila via selected SM department stores in the Philippines, specifically SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, and SM Lanang. ELRO did note that it will not be an SM exclusive since its spring/fall/summer collection spring/fall/summer collection.