Amway pays it forward in a new China campaign video for its its 60th anniversary rebrand

Amway is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a global rebranding effort and as part of that its China division has launched a localised campaign.

A new “Good things happening with Amway” tagline has been unveiled in the launch video for the campaign. The ad’s content was inspired by the habits of young Chinese people that use Amway. The term “安利” is a verb used to describe an act in which a person shares something nice with another to inspire them and make something good happen.

The brand video by DDB China initially aired on Amway’s WeChat channel. It tells five connected life stories, each initiated by an “Amway act” which inspires another person to make an effort to achieve something they want, echoing Amway’s stated brand ethos: to empower people to live at their best.

“In 2019, Amway is embracing an all-round brand upgrade. Rooted in the latest ‘healthier and more empowered lives’ value proposition, Amway is transforming itself into a lifestyle brand,” said Johnson Guo, associate director of Amway China Integrated Communication.

“With this video, Amway wants to present a different Amway-more feeling. (It’s more) intriguing, more approachable, and (it aims) to establish a closer emotional bond with more young consumers in China,” he added.

After launching on Amway’s own social media platform, the video was also launched across Weibo, Tik Tok, and Wechat Moments. Amway is now calling for users to share different aspects of their lives that they love on social media.

“We are honoured to be part of this historical move when Amway refreshes the brand on its 60th anniversary. The creative and planning team have dig themselves deeply into Amway’s brand essence to deliver such a refreshing video which smartly integrates the global brand DNA with Chinese young people’s daily lives well together,” said Eason Li, business director of DDB Beijing.

For our own thoughts at Marketing, it’s an extremely intriguing idea in concept to show the interconnected nature of people’s purchases online and this gives it a good effort but we’re unsure if the three minutes may be too long to tell this story when it could have been punchier. And frankly, the stories could have been even wilder. We will say it’s quirkiness is a plus and it’s got some fun visuals but perhaps this would work better in bitesized chunks than an ad of this length.

We’re also kind of iffy on that whole Marvelous Mrs Maisel style “do your makeup before your spouse wakes up to look pretty” scene occurring in 2020…

But still, it’s a very interesting premise, and though we’re unsure if it totally sticks the landing, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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