Aloha’s transition into MarTech: Evolving with changing times under iOS14.5

aloha 1Digital advertising has been greatly impacted by Apple’s iOS14.5 launch in early May. iPhone users’ Data tracking, which account for around 30% of all smartphone users, had become obsolete with one OS update. Marketers will have an increasingly harder time tracing purchasing habits and browsing behaviours utilizing cookie-based and app tracking data. Retargeting as we know it will also have big changes as 1st party data becomes more important than ever before. As advertisers and publishers scramble to find solutions, Aloha leans stronger into a shift towards Search Engine Optimization.

To understand marketers’ SEO views, Aloha conducted a survey amongst MNCs and corporations in Hong Kong with digital marketing team leads and managers. The results showed conclusively that SEO is a facet of marketing strategy as around 50% of companies are currently investing in SEO with another 33% planning to invest in SEO in the next two years.

Although there is increasing need, the market has room to grow as 45% of respondents does not know the type of SEO tools their company utilizes while another 25% stated that no tools were used. It is evident that there is demand, yet there is still a gap in market knowhow.

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Aloha strives to evolve to stay atop of continuous changes in the industry. Over the last 6 years, Aloha has shifted from a strictly media buy driven “agency” model to include SEO, incorporating paid and organic synergy. To further advance with upcoming challenges bought forward by data privacy concerns, the company has doubled down on organic search through its ongoing development of their SaaS SEO platform suite, segmenting the SEO process into four main areas: Technical, Content, Analytics and Site Revamp, namely through the creation of Quanery Lite, Quanery and Revamplify.aloha photo 2The SEO suite is developed to make SEO approachable to marketers throughout the SEO process whether it be via ranking check modules; content research tools to provide content/keyword ideas; analytic dashboards with actionable data; and website valuation to ensure SEO value is transitioned to a revamped website.

When asked, Aloha’s General Manager, Ivan Leung, stated “the team understands that SEO draws the line between IT and Marketing and that it can be a daunting task for digital marketers. Our development team aims to provide a down to earth SEO tool that marketers want to use. This is done by collaborating with our Media and SEO units to ensure development is in line with client pain points.”

Aloha’s Head of Development, Wah Wong, added “I believe the last 2 years have provided a foundation for our tools’ next steps. We are only scratching the surface on the value we can provide. There are many opportunities out there such as comprehending natural language processing (NLP) to cultivate topical trends or working with technology partners to integrate organic search to other marketing aspects. As well, we continually aim to improve the tool to help SMEs and business owners to optimize their websites as e-commerce becomes more prevalent.”

With the recent completion of the five modules currently available for Quanery Lite, the all-in-one SEO tool that designed for marketers to focus on key metrics and task, Aloha is providing readers the opportunity for a free trial by visiting here and activate with license key MARKies2021.

If you register now, the team will also provide an exclusive BETA trial of its keyword research tool available in Q3-2021. Do not wait any further, allow Aloha to take your brand to its fullest potential today!

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This article is contributed by Aloha Group Limited.