Allianz gets personal

Allianz has launched its latest campaign, Let’s Get Personal, a new approach to market its series of products to launch during the course of 2014.

Let’s Get Personal will see Allianz reducing its premium on its roadside assistance products as well as additional coverage for all its personal accident protection clients. Three more product range are due to launch in the coming months.

In line with the campaign, Allianz will also be introducing “The Craziest Selfie” Instagram contest, open to the public from 15 January to 15 February, with three Samsung Note 3 and three iPad Mini as incentives.

Horst Habbig, chief sales officer of Allianz (Malaysia) said, “We realise the importance of personal lines insurance in people’s lives and how it can help reduce the burden of those affected, and that is how we thought about the Let’s Get Personal campaign. It is about putting customers first, it’s about getting personal with them and doing that small thing that matters and can make a big difference in their lives.