Allan Zeman to step down as Ocean Park chairman

Allan Zeman will step down as chairman of Ocean Park on 30 June after 11 years, replaced by deputy chairman Leo Kung.

“Being able to serve Hong Kong people and Ocean Park is the proudest and happiest part of my tenure as chairman of Ocean Park," Zeman said.

"I have enjoyed tremendous support from all sides since I joined Ocean Park’s Board 11 years ago."

Tom Mehrmann, chief executive of Ocean Park, said under Zeman's leadership, Ocean Park strengthened its unique positioning as a theme park entertainment and conservation advocate, as well as a community asset for family recreation.

"To everyone at the Park, Zeman will always be a model of optimism, cheerfulness and dedication," he said.

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"The appointment of Kung as chairman ensures the continuity of vision and purpose in the long term success of Ocean Park as a pillar of tourism and a community asset for Hong Kong. We look forward to working closely with Mr. Kung in his new role.”

Zeman's departure follows a government guideline which ensures core officials from statutory bodies will not stay in one job for more than six years. The official maximum six years agreement was prolonged in 2009.

With his "outstanding" performance, Zeman was allowed to renew his position in 2012 for two more years to reach a total of 11 years.

After the management restructure, Zeman may take on an honorary advisory role if approved by the new Ocean Park Board, which will be formed next month.

Since 2003, Zeman spearheaded the completion of Ocean Park’s HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan, which featured multiple themed areas and a funicular train system.

During his chairmanship, the park was recognised for demonstrating the highest standards in animal care by becoming the first zoological facility outside North America to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 2003 and gaining accreditation for three 5-year terms to date.