Allan Tan exits Hill+Knowlton for Questex

Allan Tan, former Hill+Knowlton Strategies technology practice director, has left the agency after two years, heading back to Questex Asia as content director of technology solutions, the publication he spend more than five years since 2005.

After spending four years on public relations, Tan has been pulled back to the publishing industry by the excitement of new media development.

"I actually like working in media as it's more independent in terms of content, it is more dynamic. With a PR agency, you create content on behalf of clients. When you have been doing that for so long, it gets less interesting," Tan told Marketing.

He said the biggest challenge for PR is to master the art of handling today's media, who are more accessible on social media, but not necessarily happy to be reached on those platform.

"People in PR reach out to editors and reporters on social media when they are trying to sell stories. But often time, people from the media do not happy with PR to intrude their personal platforms.

"You have to identify the right content to engage with media and try not to make them angry. To do that, you have to develop a close relationship with them, and always be mindful that you don't want to cross the line."

But PR will continue to have a role in the market, Tan stressed. Demand for crisis management has increased unprecedentedly alongside the surge of social media, that's where the experiences PR people have gained come in handy.

“Social media makes people realise they can't do PR themselves. PR firms now need to be equipped with crisis communication offerings, run by people who understand the local market."