AlipayHK's EasyGo available on green minibuses across Hong Kong

AlipayHK has cooperated with two green minibus operators to extend its mobile payment technology to public transit, enabling passengers to pay the fare by scanning QR codes.

The EasyGo (易乘碼) technology, developed for the payment at public transit, provides a dual offline solution where the payment can be completed even if the network is unstable. By selecting EasyGo within the AlipayHK app, passengers scan the QR Code against an EasyGo scanner to complete payment. The transaction takes up to 0.4 seconds to finish.

The new technology also allows passengers who don't have sufficient balance in account to continue their journeys. AlipayHK will make a temporary payment for users in need, and they can top up their accounts after the ride. To enhance security, users will also receive a notification every time after a fare is deducted. Real-time refund service could take place if passengers are overcharged. After verifying the claims, refunds could be made immediately.

"Our product development team aims to provide EasyGo users with more options in paying for commutes. Aside from the users who always have their mobile phones at hand, we hope that this payment option also help those who may have forgotten their wallets or to top up for a smooth journey," said Karl Wong , head of product development of Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited.

AlipayHK has cooperated with AMS Public Transportation Holdings Limited and Koon Wing Motors Limited to promote the latest technology. According to different reports, more than 1,000 minibuses support EasyGo, but there is no further details of routes involved and the date of commencement.

"The development of EasyGo is a key milestone in AlipayHK’s progression in smart mobility. AlipayHK will continue to work on expanding the service to more public transports, so EasyGo users enjoy unimpeded access to all public transport," concluded Jennifer Tan, CEO of Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited.