Alibaba buys controlling stake in AdChina

Alibaba Group, the owner of eCommerce site Taobao, has bought a controlling stake in Chinese independent digital marketing technology platform AdChina.

AdChina was founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley, the investment will grow the group's presence in the online and mobile marketing space.

AdChina will work closely with the group's online marketing technology platform Alimama and cloud computing unit Aliyun to develop an end-to-end data-driven platform that provides online and data marketing products.

“The rapid rise and development of the eCommerce industry in China has made the relationship between eCommerce and marketing ever-more connected. AdChina’s data marketing platform and Alimama’s existing online marketing business are very complementary,” said Hua Wang, GM at Alimama.

Wang said the next three to five years will be crucial for building a world-class marketing and data-driven platform for eCommerce merchants in Alibaba Group’s ecosystem.

[Image]: Shutterstock