WATCH Airbnb's latest handmade campaign

Airbnb goes back to basics with its new global educational campaign that is entirely "handmade".

In "Welcome to Airbnb", the viewer is brought on a train journey through this handmade world filled with fantastic landscapes, moving through a castle to a idyllic beach spot down to the midst of a tropical rainforest with tree-top houses, and more.

The video was shot in a 40x40 metre warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand and it was all done in one take without any computer-generated imagery. A total of 30 individuals spent five weeks (2400 craftsmen hours) building the 85 square train set.

While the journey is inspired by the different accommodation Airbnb offers, there are also six miniatures of real Airbnb guests and two dogs.

Jonathan Mildenhall, chief marketing officer, Airbnb, said: “As you board the train in this film, you’re transported into a magical world that represents the very heart of Airbnb. As you wind your way through some of the amazing listings Airbnb has to offer, you get a different perspective on the world. With each viewing, you see something unique and interesting that you didn't notice before, mirroring the experience that many people have when they travel with Airbnb."

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Here is the behind-the-scenes footage: