AirAsia makes a move into delivery services

AirAsia has launched Redbox, a new low cost, express courier and parcel delivery service.

According to AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes, for the brand to remain “in the forefront of the industry and to continue with its pledge to provide services at the lowest fares and rates”, constant innovation and improvements to the current products services are very important.

Currently, he added, ancillary income adds around 20% of the brand’s revenue and he is determined to boost this further with new services such as Redbox.

With Redbox, the brand also hopes to open up a new horizon for businesses in Malaysia and across the region. Jointly marketed by R Box Asia, the new courier service is accessible to the public online at, with strategic operations in six Asia countries across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal.

Plans are currently in the pipeline for the airline to expand its courier services in other countries in the future, such as in Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and more.

Redbox is designed by the airline to provide low cost courier services for businesses, average consumers, corporate clients and overseas foreign workers for the carriage of regular parcels, business packages and documents throughout the airline’s extensive route network. This, the brand claims, is to provide customers up to 50% savings in costs compared to existing courier services.

“Redbox enables more commerce opportunities for local businesses, providing exclusive reach to various destinations not connected by other airlines. Especially beneficial for SMEs, Redbox’s low cost courier service affords lower operating costs, which are essential for SMEs to operate,” Fernandez added.