AirAsia launches VR campaign to celebrate ASEAN’s 50th anniversary

AirAsia has launched Asia’s largest 360 Virtual Reality (VR) production to-date, in celebration of ASEAN’s 50th anniversary.

The production, which will be introduced via AirAsia social-media platforms, features hundreds of VR-Ready 360 scenes from all 10 ASEAN countries, across dozens of cities and key attractions. Videos were captured with the latest 360 technology and mounting techniques which also include: aerial footage from helicopters, paragliders, hot-air balloons, drones as well as underwater and boat-mounted scenes.

This new ASEAN campaign introduces twenty two minute clips, highlighting known and less-known gems in ASEAN region. The production was conducted by TaKanto Virtual Reality, and started last November with TaKanto’s videographers flying across ASEAN by utilizing more than 60 flights.

All flights were aligned AirAsia destinations and its comprehensive coverage allowed filming in multiple locations in each country.

Ariel Talbi, managing director of TaKanto says of the project, “It is a great privilege and honour for TaKanto to be chosen for such a large-scale production with a top brand like AirAsia. This 360 production was truly an extraordinary experience and we hope it will bring the beauty of ASEAN countries to millions of people. The latest developments in Virtual Reality make it an exceptional marketing tool for brands by offering immersive experiences to their clients. The travel industry is starting to embrace this medium and AirAsia is clearly taking the lead at the moment with this massive 360 production.”