AIA’s latest viral spot wins over the hearts of locals [VIDEO]

AIA Singapore’s latest video for its Savest campaign is striking a cord with locals.

Launched on 20 April, the video has already gotten 26,000 views on YouTube and 193k views on Facebook. It has also gotten over 700 shares and 1.6k reactions in the last two weeks.

The humourous and a heart warming campaign follows the paths two boys individually take to acquire the amount of money needed to buy a set of colour pencils in order to impress a female classmate – in what seems like an adorable love rivalry.

The first boy takes the approach of ‘Saving’ his allowance while the latter chooses to ‘Invest’ by buying stationery and reselling them at a higher price.

The localised spot concludes with the boys not being able to meet their monetary targets, resulting in them coming together to get the set of colour pencils for the female classmate who turned out to be two different girls – twins! This encapsulates the essence of Savest – which promotes using both savings and investing hand in hand.

The Savest campaign also earlier launched an OOH execution with lenticular technology. The campaign adopts a balanced financial planning approach which allows individuals to reap the best of both long-term savings and growth potential of investments. It is featured as part of the new AIA Wealth Pro Advantage.

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