AIA MPF taps CMRS for major branding initiative

AIA has tapped CMRS for its major branding initiative to reinforce its position as a retirement and MPF provider in town – by putting digital front and centre.

Dubbed “A step forward, a better future” (多行一步,老是不一樣), the core brand message in this campaign conveys a double meaning – while it inspires audiences to reflect and take a step forward for their own future, it also symbolises AIA’s promise to customers – to help them take little steps every day to make a better life.

Riding on the back of last year’s Enjoylife platform and "Brighter Future campaign", this new initiative launches with an interesting digital test named “Retirement Quotient” (RQ), a retirement tracker created by AIA MPF together with The Hong Kong Institute of Education professor Chou Kee-Lee.

The campaign fronts with a two-and-half minute emotional online video featuring HKTV star Gregory Wong (王宗堯) and Catherine Chau (周家怡) as a couple portraying two polarising lifestyles respectively under high and low RQ. It aims to show that every step you take today, will lead to a different life after retirement.

The ad also covers HKTV on top of a dedicated Facebook page and YouTube appearance. As of this morning, the total video views reached 1,223,830 from both Facebook and YouTube channels.

Handled by Starcom Hong Kong, the media budget on traditional and digital is split in half.

The campaign debuts with a teaser video on relevant websites to call for awareness; followed by this full version video aimed to illustrate how high or low RQ will impact their life.

To drive traffic on the EnjoyLife mini site, the campaign adapts heavy outdoor executions on MTR and bus shelters to echo the video and call for action to take the RQ test on its platform.

In an interview with Marketing, Ivan Choi, CMO of AIA Pension and Trustee, said the campaign aimed to build an emotional connection and establish the shared value of “A step forward, a better future” with the Hong Kong audience.

“Through this we would like to enhance awareness of AIA as an MPF provider; the two lifestyles portrayed in the campaign are in fact the people with high and low RQ. RQ is a score which one can feel intangible. Through the video we want to bring the concept to life and encourage people to check their own RQ.”

He said the ad puts digital first before everything else.

“We then assess the need of having offline media support and how can we apply the idea. This helps us to bring consistency in the whole campaign.”

Digital and social media agency: CMRS Digital Solutions Ltd.
Managing partner: Mark Chan
Account director: Roni Chik
Assistant account manager: Will Chow
Production agency on print/video: Visualution Labs Limited
Produced by: KaHo Yue
Directed by: Prisken Lo