AIA Hong Kong launches new online insurance platform “AIA iShop”

AIA Hong Kong launched a new online insurance platform called “AIA iShop”, which enables customers to buy insurance products in three minutes, the company announced yesterday.

“AIA iShop” offers nine insurance products include life, medical and personal accident cover,  which are general insurance products with simpler structure. With instant price quotation and the help of the instant chat robot, customers can directly purchase them online without undergoing financial analysis.

After the purchase is made, the system will automatically notify the respective agent of the existing customer, while new customers can also request an agent to follow up.

AIA HK serves more than 3 million customers, stated Peter Crewe, Chief Executive of AIA Hong Kong and Macau. He added that “AIA iShop” is the key strategy imperative for the company, aiming to provide convenient, efficient and simple online purchasing insurance experience for customers.   

While insurance technology is growing big, the company believes the financial agents will always play an irreplaceable role in the business Stuart A. Spencer, AIA Group CMO  told Marketing in an interview.