AIA encourages Malaysians to be active by launching new outdoor gym in KL

AIA has partnered with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to launch Laman Cergas AIA Vitality, a specially-designed outdoor gym at Taman Metropolitan Kepong, to encourage Malaysians to be more active and overcome a sedentary lifestyle.

Laman Cergas AIA Vitality intends "to make wellness more accessible to Malaysians and be the solution to barriers such as time and availability". As a sprawling compound that is frequented by individuals from all walks of life, the new outdoor gym will function as an additional exercise outlet for members of the public. AIA has partnered with Fitness First for the exercise machines to form a circuit training course. Each machine comes with a QR code, which directly links the user to a video on how to properly use it.

In a statement to A+M, AIA's spokesperson said Laman Cergas AIA Vitality is an extension of the wellness programme AIA Vitality, and will be one of the many avenues for the programme to offer Malaysians fun and exciting, fitness and health-related events and initiatives. The gym is catered to all Malaysians seeking a healthier living lifestyle. While the spokesperson declined to reveal the amount spent on Laman Cergas AIA Vitality, she added that AIA looks forward to being able to bring this initiative to more communities in the future.

CEO Anusha Thavarajah said there has been an "alarming rise" of diabetes and obesity rates in Malaysia over the past decade, and this spurred its mission to advocate a healthier lifestyle for all citizens.

"Our big idea with the launch of Laman Cergas AIA Vitality, is to encourage Malaysians to commit to a healthy living through physical activities, starting with the community within Taman Metropolitan Kepong. In the long run, we hope to inspire more Malaysians to get up, move about, and get healthy," she added.

In 2016, AIA launched AIA Vitality as part of its efforts to take proactive steps to introduce a unique insurance and health programme, which seeks to empower Malaysians to improve their health by actively supporting and rewarding their healthy choices. The new outdoor gym extends its mission by offering a convenient, well-equipped and safe environment for the public to exercise. As such, Thavarajah said it "made perfect sense" for AIA to embark on this project.

Recently, the company appointed deputy general manager, finance and actuarial Heng Zee Wang to the role of CMO, while Eric Chang takes on the role of CEO Designate at AIA General. AIA General is a new subsidiary of AIA pending issuance of its general insurance business license from Bank Negara Malaysia, effective 1 July 2018.

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