After McD's, Burger King goes after KFC with its latest jab

Burger King US released a new video featuring the "King of Flame Grilling" on its YouTube channel yesterday. The name, which has an uncanny similarity to KFC when abbreviated as "K.F.G", appears to be intentional. Without mentioning any names, Burger King said in its media release that the video is produced to poke a little bit of fun at one of its key competitors.

The spot was created to promote the fast food chain's new Grilled Chicken Sandwich, will be available at participating Burger King restaurants in the United States as a permanent menu.

In the 26-second clip, the King is seen dressing up in a white suit to mimic KFC's Colonel Sanders while a voiceover said, "When it comes to flame grilling, the King always outranks the Colonel". The video then concluded with a logo adapting KFC's catch phrase "It's Finger Lickin' Good" to "It’s Flame-Grilled Good”. MullenLowe US is the agency behind the concept.


“Burger King has been flame-grilling since our first restaurant opened in 1954 - we have over 60 years of grilling expertise under our belt," said Chris Finazzo, North America president of Burger King Corporation. “We wanted to celebrate this expertise and show that when it comes to flame-grilling, we "reign" over the competition. We’re not just the King of flame-grilling WHOPPER sandwiches; we’re also the King of flame-grilling chicken.”