After LEGO, more brands continue to roast Tesla's new Cybertruck

Find out what Pepsi, Crunch, Denny's, and the Dubai police are up to with the Cybertruck hype.


Less than a week after Tesla encountered a gaffe during the launch of its new Cybertruck, and LEGO's quick thinking in poking fun at the brand, a few more brands have jumped on the bandwagon to throw shade at the supposed durability of the truck that CEO Elon Musk was gushing about before the reveal. In a Twitter post, Pepsi showed its can still standing after a small stone was being thrown at it. The brand captioned the post "Demo day". When asked by a netizen if Pepsi is better than a Cybertruck, Pepsi responded cheekily 'mayyyyyybbbbeee.....". Another person commented: "That's some cyber can you have there. Mighty tough.", to which Pepsi said: "can of the future."

Meanwhile American diner-style restaurant Denny's, chocolate brand CRUNCH, and the Dubai police also wanted a piece of the Cybertruck pie. The three brands photoshopped their logos onto the Cybertruck, with Denny's calling it a "Dynertruck" and Crunch naming it the "Crunchtruck". Interestingly, it seemed like Denny's and Crunch both launched their trucks on the same day as Tesla. Denny's restaurant said on Twitter: "Revealed our Dynertruck the same day as the Cybertruck...shake my head." Crunch replied to Denny's and said: "Well this is embarrassing...We revealed our Crunchtruck the same day as the Cybertruck and Dynertruck. <facepalm>"

And of course, getting the ball rolling was LEGO who initially threw shade at Tesla's Cybertruck with an image featuring a grey-coloured car made from LEGO bricks and two sets of wheels. The image was similar to the promotional pictures that Tesla published online featuring its latest electric pickup truck. In a Facebook post, LEGO said: “The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof.” On 24 Novembere, Tesla launched the Cybertruck, touting its exterior shell to have ultimate durability and passenger protection. However, during a series of durability tests later on, the driver's side window and rear passenger window shattered when a metal ball was thrown at them. Despite this gaffe, Tesla supposedly received approximately 200,000 orders for its new Cybertruck. Musk also tweeted on 24 November that it has already received over 146,000 orders for the Cybertruck without any advertising and paid endorsement. (Photo courtesy: 123RF)