After Hours: Staying in tune with her passion

Say hello to our next guest on After Hours: Cheryl Loon, marketing manager at Clear Channel Singapore aka “The Loon Bird”. Loon, at the time of the interview, was singing for a bar named “Outside”. No stranger to music, she recalls when she was younger, her father, who is a musician, would bring her to his music gigs, and sometimes she'd sing with him on stage. That was how Loon discovered her passion for singing.

Besides having her regular music gigs as a two-man band, Loon is also the singer of an Indie-pop band called WAVV. WAVV, since its founding last year, has performed at events such as Singapore Night Festival. In her spare time, Loon also provides vocal lessons and frequently posts vocal tips and fun facts on her professional social platforms (Facebook and Instagram). At the time of interview, Loon was actively involved in performing at bars. However, she has since shifted her focus to providing vocal lessons. Impacted by the current pandemic, Loon told Marketing that the current COVID-19 situation has reduced the number of gigs.

And if you are wondering what her singing career and marketing career have common, Loon explains its all about planning. “When it comes to gigs, we usually have to plan the songs we want to play for each set, and that means listing down the exact titles and artistes before we begin the set,” Loon said, adding that she does the same before tackling any tasks at work- planning what she intends to accomplish before diving in.

When it comes to pursuing passion, Loon has one tip for the industry folks: Time management. She also told Marketing that it was initially difficult and tiring having to juggle between her day job and her passion, but she eventually got used to it. She added that it is about prioritising what is important to oneself. “You can’t have everything, so if pursuing your passion is something you really want to do, then you have to prioritise it,” Loon said.

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