Adobe: smart speakers’ voice ads are more engaging and less intrusive

Voice ads on smart speakers are more engaging and less intrusive compared to other formats, according to Adobe’s recent survey.

Conducted by Adobe’s research institute Adobe Digital Insights in February 2019, the State of Voice 2019 survey showed that one-fourth of consumers have heard an ad on a smart speaker before. Of these surveyed, 38% agreed that voices ads are less intrusive than ads on TV, print, online, and social media.

In addition, 39% of respondents founded that voice ads are more engaging than those on other channels.

Other than voice ads, Adobe has also highlighted the use of voice assistants. In Adobe’s other survey (Adobe Digital Insights February 2019) 36% of consumers said they owned smart speakers, up from 28% in January 2018. Consumers aged from 35 to 54 own the largest number of smart speakers, with the devices are particularly popular among millennial men more than any other age or gender demographic.

75% of respondents said they were using smart speakers at least daily, up 6% since August 2018. 59% said they are using smart speakers more in 2019 when compared to 2018, with a 10% yoy increase driven by smartphones and smart speakers.

The ownership and loyal use of smart speakers is growing which also contributes to increasing the use of voice assistants.

As for areas of using voice assistants, playing music (74%), weather forecasts (66%), and setting alarms and reminders (58%) were the top three. However, utilisation for tasks like managing finances (5%) and making travel reservations (11%) were significantly down.

Last but not least, 47% of consumers said smart assistants on their phones were their favourite, followed by smart speakers (31%) and car (8%).

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