AD WATCH: An Edelman creative director's most/least favourite ads

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Calvin Ho

Creative director

Edelman Hong Kong


Fast-food companies are not only racing to make their menus healthier, but also to convince consumers they have succeeded in doing so. The latest Burger King stunt may have just convinced me of that.

The spot opens on a classically styled Whopper that is then left out for 34 days to decay and grow mould. This is part of the chain’s move to show it’s moving to a more natural, healthy and socially conscious menu. However, I can’t help to think that it also took inspiration from – and made a conscious jab at – the notorious reputation for McDonald’s food not spoiling. The burger wars continue!

In the end, the ad may not look appetising or sell many Whoppers by a direct association with rot. But at least it’s bold, daring, graphic, and – more importantly – it got the conversation going.


The premise of the spot: Four video spots arranged in a grid, each showing a group of protagonists entering an awkward dining situation. As the visitors get closer, they realise that there’s a Heinz bottle present and that everything will be OK and they are able to dine at ease.

Aside from the obvious, “they got four Super Bowl spots for the price of one” comments, it did successfully manage to make me watch it four or five times, but with little to no reward. It just felt like the spot was different for difference’s sake.


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