Ad veteran David Mayo heads to Verita Healthcare from GetCraft


David Mayo (pictured) has joined Verita Healthcare as group sales and marketing director, approximately a few months after he joined GetCraft, a Jakarta-based creative vendor technology platform, as chief growth officer. According to his LinkedIn, Mayo left GetCraft in July 2019. He will report to founder and CEO Julian Andriesz.

With a strong background in strategy, brands and operational systems, Mayo will be tasked with ensuring that the core business pillars of Verita Healthcare Group – services, products and technology – are integrated and supported by strategic brand management, digital marketing and end-to-end sales systems to support the growth of the company. Mayo has experience in medtech, and is currently serving as CMO and non-executive director of BetaMedTech, a Singapore-based healthcare development company backed by A*STAR's grants and funding.

Mayo said having spent the first half of his working life in advertising, he now wants to spend the second half working in a sector with a company that gives back in a meaningful way.

"Disruption is everywhere but none more so than in the global health economy. The combination of increasing diseases, a growing population and a global healthcare system that is still focused on reactive sickness management instead of proactive healthcare, creates a perfect space for this disruption," he added.

Meanwhile, Andriesz added: “In order to harness our full potential, we need agile minds, clear vision and bold strategies to ensure that we deliver the promise of fully integrative healthcare. Mayo has proven his strength in these and several other critical areas early in his career and I am very pleased to have him join our senior management team in leading Sales and Marketing.”

Mayo stepped down from his role as Ogilvy Malaysia CEO and country head in August 2018, slightly more than a year after he first took on the role in January 2017, replacing John Deschner. Before Ogilvy Malaysia, Mayo was last CMO of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific and was based out of Singapore. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Bates CHI&Partners for more than four years.

In a previous statement to A+M, Mayo said he has done everything he ever wanted to at Ogilvy in Asia, from mergers and acquisitions to acquiring new business.

“My focus now is on generating a more future-focused and dynamic business environment. The world is changing very fast and agencies have to recognise what the clients and brands want rather than simply protecting turf and selling tools,” Mayo added.