LOOK How to frustrate your social media agency

Most people should know how to use social media by now – but do they?

Here are some of the most shudder-worthy social media requests made to agencies:

"Now that we have your idea, can you tell us how you can value-add so that we can award you the business?"

"We need influenza for the brand. Can you recommend some influenzas?"

"Client: Do you guys do gorilla marketing?
Agency: No, sincere apologies, but we don’t abuse animals like that
Client: Oh must apply license ah?"

"Social Media can be done in-house right? Can't I just hire an intern?"

"What about Pin-Interest?" (not Pinterest..but Pin - Interest)

"Can you “twit” this promotion please?"

"Can we change the font of the post on Facebook?"

"How can we stop people from complaining about our posts on our page?"

"Can you post more cat pictures & TGIF posts? I heard they're great for engagement."

"Why do I need to put aside money for Facebook media?"

"Can you make this campaign viral? How do I get more fans? How can I get more likes? Why aren't people sharing our content? - Yup, all said in one breath."