A.S. Watson plans to launch 50 new concept makeup stores in China this year

International health and beauty retailer A.S. Watson has planned to open 50 more Colorlab by Watsons, the new concept makeup store partnered with L’Oreal, across China by the end of this year.

The plan comes in following the success of four Colorlab stores launched earlier this year. The first Colorlab store opened in Shenzhen in January, then two in Guangzhou and one in Shanghai. These new experience-based makeup stores are popular, with annual sales of cosmetics up 74% since opening (compared to sales of a previous Watsons store which took the site).

With the rise of online shopping and changing shopping behaviours of younger customers, the colorlab stores focus on innovative physical spaces and refreshing the shopping experience.

Malina Ngai, group chief operating officer at A.S. Watson Group, said:“Colorlab stores put the customers experience first and rather than just purchasing makeup, we wanted to give customers access to advice and expertise from skilled makeup artists, as well as the opportunity to try out different looks and play about with new products.”

The Colorlab stores feature makeup counters of  L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline, two of the most popular makeup brands under L’Oréal. The number of their products displayed in store occupies over 30% and such arrangement is exclusive to Colorlab only.

In addition to L’Oréal, the stores also feature Watsons own brands Makeup Miracle and Collagen, as well as Japanese makeup brand Kiss Me and Korean makeup brand CLIO and more.

Ngai said:“Makeup was identified as a huge growth area for Watsons and working with L’Oréal on the development of this new store concept meant that we had the expertise of an established makeup supplier at the forefront.”

Apart from offering a vast array of products, L’Oréal also advises on the best way to attract a larger customer base and target a younger demographic, fashionistas and beauty-goers, who want access to knowledge, expertise and a wider product range.

Samuel du Retail, L’Oréal China vice president, consumer products division general manager, said: “These new stores offer customers more than just a wide range of makeup products, they offer a makeup experience with access to instore makeup artists for consultations as well as a wide range of collateral on makeup trends and new looks to inspire them.”