A campaign to make you see the person beyond physical disabilities

National Council of Social Service (NCSS) has collaborated with Clear Channel, Mediacom and WILD to launch an out of home campaign for “See The True Me” on Clear Channel Play digital network.

The campaign aims to change the mind set of Singaporeans towards persons with disabilities and allow them to be recognised as individuals for their abilities and strengths.

It features Wanyi, a young lady who has Down Syndrome, calling out to commuters for a high five. When a high five is given, Wanyi introduces herself, “Hi, I’m Wanyi. I love fashion and I can dance really well!” It encourages viewers to “see persons with disabilities for who they truly are.” The video ends with a call to action for commuters to learn more at the microsite.

“See The True Me” is further supported by 150 6-sheet printed posters and a 10s advert on 50 Play digital screens from 2 June to 30 June 2016.

“We are very pleased with Clear Channel’s interactive platform which allows members of the public to show their support for our campaign and interact with Wanyi who has Down syndrome. We hope Singaporeans will look beyond her disability and see persons with disabilities for who they truly are,” Pearlyn Tseng, director, corporate communications, NCSS said.

“An inspirational piece, the campaign showcases emotional content that is meaningful and resonates with an individual. NCSS wanted its audience to feel and connect with Wanyi, removing barriers and correcting common misperceptions with persons with disabilities,”Amanda Woo, head of marketing, Clear Channel Singapore, said.