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Anthropic drops new AI model, just three months after its last

Anthropic drops new AI model, just three months after its last

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Anthropic has unveiled its new AI model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, just three months after it rolled out its Claude 3 family of AI models. 

Claude 3.5 is an updated AI model which sets new industry benchmarks for graduate-level reasoning, undergraduate-level knowledge and coding proficiency, said Anthropic in a statement. 

The new Claude 3.5 Sonnet can accurately transcribe text from imperfect images, making it a core capability for retail, logistics, and financial services, where AI may glean more insights from an image, graphic or illustration than from text alone.

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It also operates at twice the speed of Claude 3 Opus. 

"It shows marked improvement in grasping nuance, humor, and complex instructions, and is exceptional at writing high-quality content with a natural, relatable tone," said Anthropic. 

"This performance boost, combined with cost-effective pricing, makes Claude 3.5 Sonnet ideal for complex tasks such as context-sensitive customer support and orchestrating multi-step workflows," it added.

To complete the Claude 3.5 model family, Anthropic will also be releasing Claude 3.5 Haiku and Claude 3.5 Opus later this year.

In addition to unveiling Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Anthropic also introduced a new feature on that expands how users can interact with Claude. 

When a user asks Claude to generate content, the artifacts will appear in a dedicated window alongside their conversation, creating a dynamic workspace where they can see, edit, and build upon Claude’s creations in real-time.

This allows the user to seamlessly integrate AI-generated content into their workflow and marks Claude’s evolution from a conversational AI to a collaborative work environment.

In time, Anthropic plans to expand its support team collaboration to where teams, and eventually entire organisations, will be able to securely centralise their knowledge, documents, and ongoing work in one shared space, with Claude serving as an on-demand teammate.

The startup also aims to develop new modalities and features to support more use cases for businesses, including integrations with enterprise applications.

"Our team is also exploring features such as 'Memory', which will enable Claude to remember a user’s preferences and interaction history as specified, making their experience even more personalised and efficient," said Anthropic.

Earlier in May, Anthropic released a new 'team' plan for companies across industries to leverage its Claude 3 model and shape their workflows based on their teams' needs and goals in a bid to capture corporate dollars.

According to Anthropic, the Claude 3 model can help individuals brainstorm ideas, analyse images or process long documents using The system can also perform complex cognitive tasks that go beyond simple pattern recognition or text generation.

The 'team' plan is priced at US$30 a month with a minimum of five users, which places it in direct competition with OpenAI. OpenAI is also selling its GPT-4 plan at US$30 for one million tokens for input.

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