9Gag.Tv goes live

In a world marred by wars, racial tension and uprising, 9Gag is doing all of us a huge favour by putting a bit of humour back into our lives.

And things just got better with the newly launched beta version of 9Gag.tv.

Hosted on 9gag.tv, the website allows users to share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also leave comments. Currently, there are no signs of advertising on the website itself.

The 9Gag official Facebook page has so far garnered 5.2 million "likes", while 9Gag.tv's Facebook site is picking up pace with 3,482 "likes" since its launch.

The website is straightforward and easy to navigate and you have been warned, the videos can be addictive.

So, knock yourself out and enjoy the vids of the smartest bear ever and the girl who can bounce a pencil on her breasts (Warning: NSFW), and more.

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