759 Store dips toe in e-Commerce waters

After HKTV Mall, the local snack shop 759 Store first launched its online shopping platform on 8 August.

The new portal, 759 Online, currently sells pet products and plans to add more selections including snacks and personal care items in the future.

It made HK$2,000 worth of deals on the first day of business, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports, citing manager Pinky Lee Tsz-kei.

Chairman Lam Wai-chun previously said the company will beef up its online offerings one step at a time.

Opening-day sales were better than expected despite lack of promotion or marketing, Lee said.

By contrast HKTV chairman Ricky Wong pumped HK$30 million into an advertising campaign for his new venture.

HKTV Mall and 759 Online are offering competing discounts and free delivery services.

Purchases worth at least HK$400 on HKTV Mall are delivered free of charge, on top of a 5-10% rebate on most items.

Meanwhile, 759 Online offers a 12% discount and free delivery for purchases of HK$200 or more.