6 ways marketers can stay ahead of the technological curve in 2019

Technological advances such as AI and machine have been stealthily disrupting the industry, raising questions about whether humans would eventually be made obsolete when AI continues to becomes more powerful. It is possible for humans and technology to effectively co-exist as well as enrich life.

Challenging the interface

According to the “Augmented Humanity: Isobar Trends Report 2019”, marketers can stay ahead of the curve by challenging the interface design. The predicted increase in conversations surrounding voice will lead brands to shift focus in 2019. However, the developments in human machine interfaces, such as those seen in the physical retail space, should not be ignored, the report said.

Monitor speed of change

Brands should also continuously monitor the speed of change. The speed of development when it comes to AI and machine learning has the ability to “revolutionise” how brands aim to engage with current and potential consumers, making it easier for brands to test and learn. Brands can also leverage on this to make sense of the large amounts of data generated.

Pay attention to data privacy

With all the chatter around Cambridge Analytica and GDPR this year, the report advises brands to pay attention to data privacy. Applications rely on personal data to improve consumers’ lives and offer improved services. “With these developments come huge responsibility around data privacy and security,” the report said. As such, companies with data at their core are “rightly expected” to uphold the “highest standards” of data privacy and security.

Measure effectiveness of every interaction

Meanwhile, the continuing development of augmented and virtual reality uncovers “exciting possibilities” for brands that are hoping to engage customers in innovative and immersive ways. “For brands to get the most out of these experiences, it’s essential that they can measure their impact,” the report said.

Remove friction

Besides AI, commerce is also becoming a key disruptive force for all businesses and brands. With more convenient ways of paying for goods and services, retailers and brands increasingly seek to remove friction from the point of sale. As such, the report expects the commerce space to continue evolving quickly throughout 2019.

Think human first

Nonetheless, while technology offers potential benefits for brands and society as a whole, it advises brands not to lose sight of emotional intelligence and empathy, both of which make the society unique as humans.

The report is written by the innovation and strategy experts across Isobar’s 85 offices in 45 markets, and builds on the concept of Augmented Humanity, developed by Isobar in 2018. The latest report explores the evolving nature of the human relationship with technology.

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