Six ways to create memorable digital videos

With so many digital videos out there, how can you create a video ad that stands out from the crowd?

In yesterday’s YouTube Pulse event held at Sky100, Lee Hunter, head of creative partnerships at Google Asia Pacific, shared examples of creative video ads. Below are some valuable lessons.

1. Think about the awe factor in videos you watch

What videos would you watch in your free time? Probably something short and sweet that still manages to make you exclaim, “wow!” MINI Cooper asked skateboarder Tony Hawk to star in the below video ad.

2. Sometimes, budget videos look more authentic

One way for a start-up to save money is to shoot an entire video ad in its warehouse. Check out this highly entertaining video by with a lean script and plenty of creativity.

3. Turn annoying elements of video platforms around to build empathy

We have all experienced that moment of frustration when we realise we have to wait five seconds for a YouTube TrueView ad to play before we can watch the next episode of our favourite TV show.

New Zealand-based Colenso BBDO’s anti pre-roll ads for Burger King took advantage of exactly this sentiment.

The placement of the ads were also strategic: what the actor says after, “This guy is just trying to watch a clip about … ” is customised to fit the common types of videos that YouTube users like to watch.

4. Give people a choice

Build options into your video. British Airways could work on its puns, but its Yourope video ad uses annotations which allow the user to choose the European city they would like to visit and to live vicariously through the video.

5. Serve up a good prank

TV shows where hosts prank unassuming passers-by are so much fun to watch because of the priceless expressions on the victims’ faces. This commercial for the film Carrie would solicit respect from the most mischievous pranksters.

6. Use archetypes that resonate with internet users

This ad for American electronics retailer TigerDirect, produced by Rhett & Link, pitches the nerd against the geek. It gets extra brownie points for incorporating a catchy rap.

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