iPhone 6+ users bending it like Beckham

Tech blogs are running hot today on news the iPhone 6 Plus has a chink in its (high design) armor, with some early adopters revealing the distressing news the device can bend beyond repair, while being carried around in your pocket.

While plenty are pointing their fingers at the hipster tight jeans trend as the main culprit others aren't happy that such an expensive piece of equipment can get bent out of shape, while carrying it around as most would.

At 5.5 inches (140mm) physics dictates there would be a certain point where even Apple's engineering mavens can't prevent the inevitable, however early adopters think the fracture point is a little too easy to hit (we agree pocket holstering of a mobile device doesn't sound like an extreme use of a gadget).

Whether the issue is real or if #bendgate is really #hategate from Apple naysayers the issue deserves some sort of PR response if sales aren't going to be impacted (...who are we kidding).

Check out what some wits are saying about #bendgate below and how some competitor's fans are starting to pick up on it: