5v5 Esports unveils 'largest' mobile gaming tournament, aims to build e-sports industry

Malaysian gaming network 5v5 Esports has launched a mobile gaming tournament titled 《全马》王者 5v5 线上联赛. According to the Malay Mail, the tournament features 128 teams and is supposedly the largest mobile gaming tournament in the country.

In a statement to A+M, 5v5 Esports' spokesperson said that while mobile e-sports will be the next biggest trend, Malaysia however, does not have a "proper" tournament system to educate, train and guide e-sports gamers and propel them to the international stage. As such, the company aims to take on the responsibility to build Malaysia's e-sports tournament system.

To promote the mobile gaming tournament, 5v5 Esports will carry out paid and organic online marketing, as well as engage social influencers to spread the word. According to the spokesperson, the company believes that Malaysia can potentially become an e-sports hub in Southeast Asia due to its multiracial and multilingual society. Also, Malaysian gamers are exposed to a wide variety of games such as 王者荣耀 (King of Glory) and Mobile Legends.

5v5 Esports' spokesperson added that more focus and assistance can be offered by the government to grow Malaysia's e-sports industry and enable it to become more competitive in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, according to a report from Newzoo titled “Global Games Market Report”, Malaysia 21st in the world in terms of e-commerce game revenue, which is estimated to be US$654 million.

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