5 tips to CSR success

Following the appointment of Etymon as its PR for one of its brands – Watson’s Water – A.S. Watson has named the agency to support the publicity for PARKnSHOP’s CSR programmes on a retainer basis.

Though founder, partner and executive director at Etymon, Betty Ng, didn’t disclose any further details on the initiatives aside from “expect launches later this month”, Marketing picked her brain as to how to create noise for doing good.

1.      Really get to know the target audience.

“CSR has been in the market for many years, and it’s something big corporations have been committed to doing. But the key is to really serve that specific target market and genuinely help the people that you’re trying to help. If you want to target young people, for example, ask what their needs are: is it education? Health? Extra-curricular activities?”

2.      It’s all about mobilsation

“Whatever the form of CSR it is we’re talking about – cash donation or manpower – you need to get your partners, your internal employees and your customers involved. Everyone needs to be active participants. So choose something the entire company cares about.”

3.      Linkage is important

“Linkage is important because the brand is an expert in the area so it’s easier for it to grasp and tap into that specific market. So not only does linkage help the consumer establish that connection, but it’s also to help the brand bring out the best of itself and still contribute to the needy.”

4. CSR won’t turn a brand around

“CSR won’t rescue a brand: your consumers will not come to you or give you extra brownie points because you’re doing CSR. In other words, you can’t take this initiative and use it to turn around your reputation. That’s not how it works.”

5.      Know why you’re doing CSR: heart

“The bottom line is not to boost reputation, or else it won’t be a long time commitment. You really need to think from the community’s perspective and take time to invest in the targeted group.”