5 points to take away from Marketing’s webinar on driving online business growth

 While much of the world is still fighting a hard battle with COVID-19, several regions such as Hong Kong is regained its footing.

However, the colossal impact of this crisis has left the ground on which the marketing industry stands, radically altered. So, this Thursday – in a Marketing Interactive webinar held in partnership with SAP – a selection of experts will lay out what exactly brands and businesses have to do to adapt to these shifts and drive their businesses. Here are five key points we’ll be looking at:

1. Online commerce should be a priority

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When physical businesses were badly hit due to worldwide lockdowns, many online businesses flourished. Rather than being a fortunate fluke, this cemented the fact that online commerce marketing is essential for the wellbeing, survival, and evolution of close to every brand. This can seem daunting, but we’ll be walking through some of the basic groundwork of getting eCommerce set up for your business or improve upon your existing structure. Specifically, we’ll take a look at what the prerequisites are in terms of systems, data, or technical manpower.

2. Online commerce has risks

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Just creating an online storefront doesn’t guarantee success, especially during a crisis. Making sure your users are aware of your presence online is the most obvious issue. But how can you make sure they have a smooth experience? How do you make sure that the customers feel cared for? And how do you react when production and delivery of goods become affected by crisis?

3. Audiences need appropriate enticements

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Historical data is incredibly powerful at helping to determine what customers want. But the mechanics of actually getting the most out of it can be a challenge. Getting past that wall of information and outlining those behavioural patterns is the first step but the reward really comes about by crafting promotions tailored to those lessons learned.

4. Social media is still king

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Social media is still one of the most dominant ways of getting your message heard and your brand seen by potential customers. But it takes a lot more than spamming feeds with hashtags or memes to make any kind of emotional – and therefore memorable – dent. Being lazy with social or treating it as an instant success button isn’t going to work. We’ll look at how to make your social platforms shine and become a useful asset rather than an afterthought.

5. Learning to change

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Being adaptable as a business is incredibly important, especially online, where information moves at the speed of light. But changing blindly or based on hunches (even if it seems daring) benefits no one, especially the customer. What’s important to consider and what we will examine in this webinar, is how important it is to measure the digital experience and understand changes in your business model to account for that.

If any of these subjects intrigue you or you just want to know how to help your business thrive no matter what crisis hits now or in future, then we strongly suggest you attend Driving online business growth - a new normal in the post-crisis world.

Key topics to be addressed

• How can companies manage and plan for their online strategies in ways that will contribute to their business growth?
• What are the typical online challenges that companies will face during and after crisis and how can they solve them?
• What tools can be used to increase productivity and profitability through online initiatives?
• How does one adapt with the times presented without giving teams whiplash?

Speaker profiles

profile 2 head
Rick Boost
Marketing Magazine Hong Kong
Rick Boost is the Hong Kong Editor for Marketing Magazine, overseeing the production of content for the magazine both in print and online. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he took over the leadership role at the start of 2019.
His media background has a diverse range in its scope, having led video and multimedia content at Campaign Asia-Pacific, worked on the editorial team for visual technology outlet DigitalRev, and served as Head of Creative Production at Billboard Radio China.

wafer wong sap cx hk coe

Wafer Wong
Customer Experience (CX) Centre of Excellence,
SAP Hong Kong

In the past ten years, I have been working with multiple enterprise solutions in a sales and consultant role. Customer-related topics have interested me the most, it’s all about leveraging customer data well to improve their experience and drive business outcomes. I love helping customers turn their challenges to business opportunity with the latest technology.

jeff hau jpg

Jeffrey Hau
Prizm Group

After gaining his psychology degree from UCLA, Jeffrey Hau returned from Silicon Valley and started his venture to become one of the pioneers in Hong Kong’s social media marketing space. During the years, he spotted the immense momentum of new social media platforms and affirmed that traditional advertising knowledge was insufficient in the fast-changing digital era. He thus founded Prizm, a digital/social media marketing agency with the mission of providing insights and solutions to clients with a solid digital mindset. Founded in 2012, Prizm team currently is a team of around 150 colleagues in HK head office and also branches in NZ, AU, and China with specialisation in different areas including social media, creative content development, tech development, digital payment and big data analytics.

patbolster jpg

Pat Bolster
Head of Greater China

Pat is the head of Greater China for Qualtrics and based in Hong Kong. Pat and his teams are helping brands and organizations to drive Experience Management (EX) in four core experiences—customers, employees, products, and brands.