4 of Twitter’s top brass exit

Four of Twitter’s top executives are leaving the social media company.

Katie Jacobs Stanton, the company’s VP of global media; Kevin Weil, SVP of product; and SVP of engineering Alex Roetter are all set to exit Twitter, according to reports by Recode.

Meanwhile, the company is preparing to announce a new chief marketing officer as well as a new head of PR. The new CMO is said to be a “well-known executive” from a “big brand”, according to separate piece by The New York Times.

Stanton joined Twitter with prior experiences at Google and Yahoo, and served on President Barack Obama’s social media team during the first part of his presidency. Weil, who had been at Twitter for six years, first joined the company in 2009 as an engineering lead before working his way up to senior vice president of product.

According to Recode, neither Weil nor Stanton have secured new jobs yet, and Twitter will temporarily fill their roles while hunting for replacements.  Different reasons were cited for the various departures — some, like Stanton’s, are by choice. Sources close to Recode claimed that some of the departures were not voluntary and others say they left on their own volition.

The news follows a rough year for Twitter as the company struggles to boost user growth. Efforts seem to have proven futile even as founder Jack Dorsey took the helm as CEO last October after acting as its interim. Its previous CEO, Dick Costolo stepped down on 1 July 2015.

Twitter shares have plunged nearly 55% in the last year.

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