3HK supports HK Electric smart meter scheme, providing electric consumption info to customers

3HK has announced a plan to offer connectivity and data transmission services to HK Electric and its customers in order to share more about information about electricity consumption habits.

Under the partnership, 3HK will provide secure and reliable connectivity and data transmission services to  HK Electric’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure scheme, which commenced in April. Customers of HK Electric will be able to access more detailed information on their electricity consumption via a browser or via a mobile app. With a better understanding of their electricity consumption habits and patterns, customers can better their energy use, saving money and helping to protect the environment. 

Raymond Choi, general manager (customer services) of HK Electric, commented,“The deployment of smart meters is an important initiative that facilitates our customers to optimise their energy use and supports Hong Kong’s transformation into a smart city and the cellular service provided by 3HK plays a key role in supporting our deployment.”

The scheme benefits from 3HK’s dedicated mobile virtual private network (VPN), offering a secure connection between smart meters and HK Electric’s information systems. In addition, the VPN ensures 24-hour services and is able to maximise network resilience and connectivity.

"Our high-speed mobile network, built on a solid network foundation, provides highly-secure and reliable data transmission that enables digitalisation of metre reading and remote work. Going forward, Hong Kong’s development as a smart city will be significantly accelerated when 5G technologies and applications are deployed in the Internet of Things for the electric power industry," said Kenny Koo, CEO and executive director of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings. 

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